Payroll Problems: How to write to Transdev Payroll

by | Nov 7, 2020 | Notices

Local 8751 officers have been dealing with hundreds of your payroll problems these past weeks due to Transdev mis-management’s failure to record proper time agreed and worked, including COVID-19 pre-trip and quarantine-leave time, Exception time, proper flat rate, etc. Transdev has engaged in mass wage theft, and the Union is fighting to win it back in full.

Friday 11/6, Transdev finally agreed to properly implement the Union’s most recent Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) regarding pay for those who are not currently driving due to the pandemic shut-down of Boston Public Schools. Your MOA pay should be based on “the last full payroll period in which [you] drove [your] newly assigned route” – workweek ending October 17, 2020 (paycheck date Oct. 23rd).

Of course, if you have been forced to drive or report as Standby for some private, Catholic, charter or out-of-town school, you must be paid for every minute of your hard work, at a minimum of your Oct. 23rd MOA base paycheck. If you worked more than that minimum, you must by law get paid more.

Local 8751 has a meeting with Transdev payroll on Monday to correct more payroll problems. If you have an outstanding shortage, please write an email with details (date, report period AM or PM, hours/minutes missing, reason “flat rate”, “exception time”, “extra 30 or 15 minutes COVID-19 time”, etc.).

Write the email TO:


Please include your phone number for payroll to call you back with questions.


Payroll Problem Email Template