Union wins pay for Good Friday for all drivers!

by | Apr 7, 2021 | News, Notices

Impact Bargaining Update!~

The Union leadership advocated strongly to Transdev and BPS that this would show respect for our drivers. BPS/Transdev agreed to pay. This gave drivers an additional days pay (4 paid cancelation days plus our holidays).

Get your Vaccination! Monday and Tuesday’s in yard vaccination were an important step.   

Yesterday’s Impact Bargaining with Transdev/BPS was especially heated, addressing the spreading COVID-19 surge among school bus workers. Yesterday,Transdev informed us of 4 COVID-19 positive drivers at all 3 yards. BPS/Transdev have failed to inform drivers of the many schools that have classrooms under quarantine. We continue to demand a full, detailed accounting of ALL COVID positive cases, in the yards and in the schools. We continue to demand our Emergency COVID-19 Safety Operating Procedures (ESOP) requiring physical distancing at yards and on school busses, a monitor on every bus, and disinfecting of facilities and busses!

Our Union, with the Teachers Union are fighting to get an extension of our Paid COVID-19 leave for mandatory quarantine.  The twice extended paid leave expired for all school workers March 31. We and our International are advocating with the new Mayor to extend. We will update.

Local 8751 continues to demand a just and equitable Bid per the CBA.  Since the April 5 “reopening” of BPS charter and private schools and with all the changes and student additions anticipated with April 26 BPS “full reopening”, a Bid that contains true, road-tested flat rates and protects seniority rights is critical.