Latest Update – 10 day paid Covid-19 leave Extended!

by | Jan 15, 2021 | News, Notices

10-day Paid COVID-19 leave Extended!

This week, Local 8751 won from Transdev an extension of 10-day Paid COVID-19 leave for members who test positive or need to quarantine due to exposure.  The agreement had expired on December 31 and is now extended to March 31, 2021.

This benefit is critical to our members’ economic and medical survival, as it enables us to properly follow CDC quarantine guidelines to protect ourselves, families and co-workers.

COVID-19 cases

In the past 2 weeks, Transdev has notified the Union of 9 new driver positive COVID-19 cases, with at least 20 of our members today eligible for Paid COVID-19 leave.

Transdev refuses to properly inform the Union and all drivers about COVID-19 cases.  Transdev is doing no track & trace, passing the buck to BPS and City Dept. of Health.  They are posting vague notices inside yard hallways where we don’t go.  This cover-up must stop!

If you go out for COVID-19, please notify President Andre Francois
so the Union can defend your rights.


Local 8751 continues to daily voice our opposition to Transdev & City officials to more school reopening for health & safety reasons while the pandemic is surging to unprecedented rates.  But our bosses are ill-advisedly ramping up plans to add more students and schools beginning February 1.  Today’s TV 5:

“Boston Public Schools details plan to return students to in-person learning”

Calling on All members to be Health & Safety enforcers!

Please review the Union’s Emergency Standard Operating Procedures and report violations.