** Latest Update **

by | Sep 30, 2020 | Notices

1. Late Monday night, Transdev sent an email to Local 8751 officers saying, “an employee [has] tested positive with COVID-19”.  Corporate bosses refused the Union any more details.  Union investigation revealed it was a driver who bid Thursday, no driver or manager was told to quarantine, no Transdev testing of those in contact, no Paid COVID-19 leave.  Transdev’s cover-up policy & non-compliant practice is recklessly negligent today and during the 2 COVID-19 positives of Readville mechanics this month.

If you were at Freeport before 9 AM Thursday, please consider getting a COVID-19 test.

2.  We drivers must take responsibility to follow and enforce all COVID-19 Emergency Standard Operating Procedures (ESOP) for Safetly & Health precautions.   The Union continues to fight with Transdev to sign the critical ESOP to defend drivers & children.

Please read and help enforce Health & Safety priorities:

All buses must have trained monitors by state health regulations.  Do not pick up students without a monitor.

The Union is demanding 15 minutes added to each report for COVID 19 preparation – health checks, bus PPE check, physical distancing, park & pull, etc.

Mayor Walsh today announced Boston is moving into the red COVID-19 danger zone.  Please carefully follow all Health & Safety guidelines.

3. The Union is addressing multiple violations of bid, seniority and routing.  We demand elder drivers get just accomodation & more Retiree Rights.

Transdev & the City can not demand that we risk our lives AND starve our families, too!