USW Local 8751 in Negotiations with City about Orange line shutdown impact

Aug 18, 2022 | News

The MBTA shutdown has created a crisis for the City/BPS, greatly worsening the driver shortage by causing many children with MBTA passes to request a school bus seat.

This is happening in the context of BPS/City issues with DESE about on-time performance.

High-level meetings between the Union and City Hall/BPS and Transdev have been non-stop this week and are ongoing. Local 8751 is fighting to defend the rights of our members and Union as BPS/City discuss their intentions for a temporary fix.

The Union is making sure that none of our members are harmed by temporary BPS route changes. We are also demanding that the COVID agreements be extended, including paid leave, wage/benefit guarantees in event of another shutdown, added 15 minutes per am & pm for safety protocols for all drivers, etc.

Negotiations have also increased the number of stand-by slots and addressed health insurance issues.
Local 8751 is making significant progress on all issues, but we have not yet reached an agreement.

As a result, Transdev has Moved the BID to Wednesday AUG 24 through Friday AUG 26.

Drivers may do their mandatory dry run at any time after their bid but prior to their first school’s actual start date.

The Union will keep you updated.
Solidarity Forever!