Local 8751 Solidarity with Councilor Adrien

Nov 7, 2020 | *, News, Solidarity

November 9, 2020

Local 8751 Demands: Stop the Racist Attacks on Everett, MA City Councilor Gerly Adrien!

Solidarity with the Peoples’ Campaign to Re-Elect Councilor Adrien!

The Boston school bus drivers’ union, USW Local 8751, is proud to continue our solidarity with Gerly Adrien, the first Everett City Councilor ever to speak our members’ minds from their families’ homes in Everett and beyond. Local 8751’s 900-strong members – who proudly hail from Haiti, Cabo Verde, Ethiopia, Honduras, Barbados, Vietnam, and the great states of Georgia and Michigan! – condemn Councilor Adrien’s colleagues’ racist calls for her resignation. We enthusiastically endorse her re-election!

Local 8751’s thousands of family members – many in Everett – were outraged to see the Boston Globe’s headline on Halloween with news of the racist targeting of Councilor Adrien by trump-like misleaders.
Everett city councilors pressure their first Black female colleague to resign
By Stephanie Ebbert Globe Staff, Updated October 31, 2020, 5:42 p.m.

That old-guard members of the Everett City Council are insisting on meeting in-person without masks, in a city with one of the highest rates of COVID-19 in the state and in contradiction to all authoritative science and health guidelines, is as outrageously ignorant and dangerous as Donald J. Trump’s super-spreader events. Local 8751’s Emergency Health & Safety Task Force applauds Councilor Adrien for her leadership in demanding quality, publicly accessible remote access for her and all public officials and workers at work to protect her family and the communities she serves during this deadly pandemic.

Moreover, the actions of old-guard politicians of the formerly all-white Everett City Council toward Councilor Adrien since day one of her electoral victory there – which on Jan. 6, 2020, also saw the inauguration of the first Latinx and first Asian councilors in that diverse city’s history – have treated Councilor Adrien to a constant, despicable, daily barrage of blatant racism, disrespect, aggression and microaggressions which the Globe and other media outlets have covered in some detail.

No wonder the recording of last week’s council meeting has somehow mysteriously, illegally been deleted. Like for the former President of the Boston School Committee, Zoom has also been a handy technology to record and expose the bare-faced bigots who’ve mis-represented the people for far too long in this greater-Selma of the North. Those responsible should be charged and resign immediately.

Power to Gerly Adrien
and the multi-national workers of Everett whom she so wonderfully and eloquently represents!