Let’s show Transdev / BPS / City Hall that We are prepared to fight for our Contract Justice, Union Rights, Dignity and Respect !

Oct 26, 2021 | *, News


If we don’t get our justice, We Will Shut You Down!

For months Transdev has flatly refused to seriously bargain, offering an insulting 1% wage increase per year (3 year contract), no serious increases in benefits and retirement.  Transdev still has significant working condition/union rights concessions on the table.

In these pandemic times, Transdev must demonstrate that they truly value and respect our labor.  We demand significant competitive wage increases, benefits enhancements, broader access to retirement, full COVID-19 paid leave for as long as needed and serious health and safety protections.  

Fraudulent routing, massive across the board changes, persistent route problems, all make a mockery of our seniority bid rights and wage rate.  Our flat rates amount to a wage-cutting scam by the company and BPS.  They have done nothing to give us facilities that respect the drivers needs and contract provisions.

Our history has proven that only our united struggle can guarantee our justice.  Our 40-plus years of economic progress, our exemplary contract rights, our historic Memorandum of Agreement guaranteeing full pay and benefits during the pandemic, all are the result of our fight back history. 

Transdev is the worst anti-union company that we have experienced in our history!  BPS/City Hall holds the purse in this “pass through” contract.  BPS Superintendent wants austerity and a return to neighborhood schools to eliminate our jobs. Mayor Janey has thus far refused to intervene as Mayor Walsh did in our past contract.

In a few short weeks Boston will have a new mayor.  Workers are striking for their rights across the country in unprecedented numbers!  We must demonstrate our unity and solidarity, speaking in one voice, letting the company and city (regardless of the result of the mayoral election) know that if we don’t get our justice at the negotiating table, we will get it on the picket line. 

Let us march on Transdev

Nov 9th in the hundreds,

telling them that

If we don’t get our justice,

We Will Shut You Down!

When We Fight,


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