Class Action grievance demanding just compensation

Jan 20, 2021 | News

Last Friday, Local 8751 filed a Class Action grievance demanding just compensation from Transdev to all standby and citywide drivers who have been forced to use their own hard-earned resources, cars and gasoline as shelter to survive.  

Transdev’s inhuman failure to provide safe and sheltered facilities, as required by the Union contract and law, since the COVID-19 working conditions began must be corrected!

The grievance reads in part:

“The Union has been clear that pandemic conditions do not abrogate, rather spotlight, Transdev’s absolute responsibility to provide working conditions that are as safe and comfortable as possible.  These pandemic accommodations include, but are not limited to:

  1. Installing commercial-grade, weather-resistant tents outside, heated in the Winter, where Transdev dispatch can call Standby drivers one-at-a-time to bid
  2. Initiating a communications system (for example by loudspeakers that cover the entire parking lots, by pagers, etc.) utilized to call Standby drivers one-at-a-time to bid
  3. Providing just compensation to Standby drivers for Transdev’s exploitation of drivers’ own resources, their idling cars and gasoline expenses, in a unilateral and drastic change in required working conditions, to temporarily replace its contractual obligation to provide safe and comfortable facilities for the human labor without whom Transdev has no operations.”

Read full Class Action “Health & Safety – Standby Facilities & Bid protocols” filed 1/15/2021, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s 92nd birthday.