Agreement with Transdev

Jan 4, 2021 | *, News

Local 8751 has in the last hour successfully completed, with Mayor Walsh’s assistance, a new Memo Of Agreement with Transdev for

full pay and benefits  that lasts until the end of the school year. 

Drivers will continue to be paid health, 401k and other benefits if particular schools are not going or the whole school system is again shut down due to the COVID-19 surge. 

When we fight, we win!


All Standby flat rates now include an extra 15 minutes per day through June with a 4:45 AM punch-in and 5 AM bid start.  BPS says tomorrow’s 440 routes are the same 1,700 students – disabled, homeless and English learners – as before the December break.  BPS says all routes should have a monitor assigned for safety.  Standby drivers may be asked to assist as a temporary monitor.

Local 8751’s position, expressed to all parties, is that all programs should be remote while the deadly pandemic is surging uncontrolled.  Please stay well physically distanced outside with a mask on at all times and bus windows cracked for ventilation.  The Union has demanded the City provide on-site COVID-19 testing, full paid COVID-19 leave, and a priority option for vaccines as frontline workers doing a public service.  Please report any health & safety violations you encounter.  Not one more death!

Please make every effort tomorrow to assist these High In-Person Priority students with a safe and timely ride to school.  In Solidarity and Unity with the communities we serve, together our Union family will fight to survive this struggle and win justice!