A Recurring Tale of History between Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Oct 3, 2023 | News, Solidarity

My grandmother, born on February 30, 1930, along with her two sisters and a brother, who were also born in the Dominican Republic, where their parents were unquestionably Dominican, became victims of the Parsley Massacre. Vincent had cultivated a cooperative relationship with and received financial support from the government of the Dominican President Rafael Trujillo.

My grandmother’s older brother, named CARLE GIMENESSE, had to escape with the three young girls to seek refuge in Haiti, where they spent their entire lives.

Due to the massacre, virtually the entire Haitian population on the Dominican border either perished or were compelled to flee across the border. Many lost their lives while attempting to escape to Haiti.

This is why I feel compelled to take a stand, not only to protect my people, but also to defend my homeland.

-Chantal Casimir